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Greg Prickler 03 Apr 2019
Most hassle-free move ever thanks to Movers. Barely had to lift a finger - they did all the moving for me, and it was so simple. Best decision I've made was calling them in.
Cecilia Mcmillan 28 Aug 2017
I can't recall any problem due to hiring Moving Company to help me relocate, as they did not give me any. They helped me pack, load and unload, and they did all that fast and efficiently. If the need to move arises once more, I will not look elsewhere.
Jeremy F. 21 Jun 2016
The movers from Movers provided me with a thorough and complete office removal service. The team took care of the moving and transportation of my office equipment without any issues, and the job was done to a very high standard. I had to write this review to express my thanks!
Kate K. 27 Oct 2015
I was thrilled when I hired Man and a Van. I was on the move and dreaded it, but after a friend recommended this company I needn't have worried. I hired a complete house removals service and basically left the staff to it! My house contents were packed up, loaded and transported to my new rental home, and unpacked too! It saved me a lot of time and was done really well.
Hayley 02 Jun 2014
I'm a single mum with not much money, had to be re housed by the council, I was stressing on how to afford the removal fee, found this company who I have never heard of but they accepted a voucher off the council for my move, they were absolutely fantastic, friendly and professional and they helped me to move house fairly straightforwardly. If you planning on moving anytime soon then try out ManandVanRemovalServices because they help anybody, no matter what the situation and because I am a single mom they even helped to rebuild my furniture!
Eric Camp 13 May 2014
Time and time again I have used endless removal companies that always let me down and leave me feeling disappointed. I always make the same mistake of falling for their great marking tactics. If only their actual work was as good. ManandVanRemovalServices was different. This removals company was serious about making a good job of things and they weren't willing to settle for second best. They wanted to make a great job of my move. And they definitely did! Overall, I would hire them again and recommend them to others if they need removal help at all.
Tom Wiemann 28 Mar 2014
I was on the move again and this time for a new work contract. My wife was stressed as she had a lot to sort out with the kid's new schools etc. So we wanted a removal firm to take care of the entire relocation. I had noticed an advertisement of a local company called ManandVanRemovalServices so I thought I would get in touch. From the first meeting for a quote, and the professional manner of the team I was really impressed. Dates were made for the packing and the actual move, and the workers worked hard all day.
Amelia F. 19 Feb 2014
I really never thought that storage would be something to get excited about, given that it is simply a room that you pay for and put some of your stuff in. But with ManandVanRemovalServices it is more than that. They are unlike any other storage company I have ever dealt with; yes the prices are great and the location convenient but more than that they are always conscious of whether you are happy or not and the staff at the facility are always asking whether they can help or if the service can be improved at all. It is really nice to find a company that cares about its customers.
Karen 08 Jan 2014
There is a huge amount to be said for getting an excellent removals team involved with your relocation. It is hard to gauge whether you are going to be alright or not when you go for a company that you have not used before, but at least now you can take my advice and use ManandVanRemovalServices for your removals! They were excellent on mine, really great to work with, and the team were nice guys. I was worried that they wouldn't be so great because of the price, but it was actually very good value for money!
Beatrice N. 19 Dec 2013
After plenty of bad experiences with moving companies, I was determined to choose the right for my office removal. The task was big, so I needed an experienced company to handle the job. I found ManandVanRemovalServices after a referral from a friend. They promised reliable and professional office removals, so I trusted them to be able to execute the packing process while not disrupting the business schedule. They worked hard to complete the move in the proper time frame and their staff were always friendly. I was impressed with their service and would recommend them for any office move.
Henry Matterhope 29 Oct 2013
With a great deal of happiness I let you all know that ManandVanRemovalServices are an amazing team. They recently moved me and my wife; Wendy, out of our home and all the way down to Devon. There was not a SINGLE hitch along the way, and I was very pleased with the lovely manners of the team. One of my sticking points for the move was the budget that we had, as we are not exactly millionaires, but there was great value to be had, and the service that we got was well worth the price. An excellent show from an excellent company; 5 stars!
Greta Mills 16 Oct 2013
Knowing how many expensive items I was about to move, I was certainly a bit worried that everything would come out the other end with a load of scratches and damage that I really did not need! Hiring a removals company that would be really careful and respectful of my valuables was of the utmost importance, so I am pleased to say that ManandVan did exactly that. I was blown away by the value of their service, as there was very little that I was left wanting by their service.